Soho Shopping List!

Here it is, your Vegan Soho Shopping List! Get a sneak peek at some of the red hot loot you’ll find at this Saturday’s mini Vegan Shop-Up!

  • The lovely CakeBites is bringing a crate full of gluten-free chocolate coated cake truffles! Try Salty Caramel, Choc Peanut Butter, Dark Choc Mocha, and Lemon White Chocolate. MMMM.
  • Our friend Kitty Jones crafts the cutest little cat toys. Pick up a few pretty Catnip Mice, made with hand printed fabric and jute tails!
  • New raw treats company, Sweet., is going to town with the Sandwich Cookie! All raw and organic these sweets have no oil, gluten, or refined sugars! Choose from Choc w/ Vanilla Bean Cream, Almond Oat w/ Choc Cream, Gingerspice Vanilla, and others.
  • Saucy by Nature will have their latest creations to spread, slather and spoon: Polish Kimchee(spicy mushroomy kraut!), Spicy Pumpkin Ginger(w/ chili and coconut!), and Cranberry Pear(sweet tart preserves!). Plus, they’ll be offering a deal of any 3 jars for $15!
  • Queens based Woodside Bakehouse brings you their all organic handmade Vanilla Extract, sinful Peanutella, and signature el conejo Granola Bars. Stock up!
  • Come witness the market debut of Chai Mookie! Scoop up an assortment of Chai Tea blends in Classic(decaf), Wake Up!(w/assam), Green Mookie(w/gunpowder green), and Dirty Mookie(w/espresso!). All fair trade and organic to boot!
  • Vegan Shop-Up veteran Gone Pie will wow you with their gluten-free desserts! Enjoy jumbo Peanut Butter Cups, Caramashew Cups(that’s cashew caramel), Chai Nut Brownies, and other tasty morsels.

Oh sweet happy day! Yep, it’s gonna be a good one. So tell your friends, work up an appetite, and strap on your city shoes, ’cause it’s finally here! Full vendor list and details in the post below. WE’LL SEE YOU SATURDAY!

All Stocked-Up,


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