Holiday Shopping List for Dec. 15th!

Boy howdy! 2nd Shop-Up in December is upon us and it’s overflowing with mad treats and gifts galore! See a sampling below of what you’ll find tomorrow, then show up and experience it all(PLUS MORE) in person!!

  • New bakery Cake Thieves will be present and selling jars of their homemade Caramel, plus warmed specialty Cinnamon Buns!
  • Monks Meats is back and serving up a Seared Seitan Steak Sandwich with Charred Padron Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Lasagna Cubes(!), and 4 flavors of Seitan to-go!
  • Super Foxy Sweets will have their killer Mint Fudge, Hot Mexican Chocolate on a Stick, and Rainbow Not-Butter Mints! The best little gifts.
  • Vegan Secret Supper will be selling their handmade Ceramic Spoons, Dishes, Porcelain Necklaces, and Dip-Dyed Crocheted Necklaces! Not to mention their holiday Infused Maple Syrups and Hot Sass Carrot Hot Sauce!
  • Heat Sweets will be selling a variety of Gift Packs and cutely adorned Tabletop Christmas Trees! Plus their usual Hot Pepper Fruit Leathers, Strawberry Habanero Jellies, and Relishes!
  • Sea Shepherd returns with their special $15 Holiday Discount Bin! Score!!
  • Vegan O’Brien will be selling their famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Chip Cookies, and NEW Brownies!
  • Heirloom Vegan Eatery returns with their Southern Brunch! Plus great stocking stuffers like Dinosaur Cactus Planters, Kings County Bourbon Raisin Bark, and Organic Dog Treats!
  • Alchemy Creamery has your winter ice cream fix covered! Sample and take home these holiday flavors: Newton’s Apple (apple cinnamon) Fixation (dark chocolate chai), and Crunching Leaves (pumpkin spice)! All made from coconut and hazelnut milk!
  • Vegan Bodega has it all, from Food For Lovers Queso to Bee Free Honee, to Parmela, to Ste Martaen’s Gourmet Gouda and Muenster!!
  • Newcomer Lael Cakes will debut their Gluten-Free Spicy Ginger Snap Cookies, Almond-Cardamom Cakes with Green Tea Ganache, and beautiful Orange-Cranberry Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing!
  • Gone Pie will have their Cranberry-Raspberry Brownie Bites, Peanut Butter Primates, Pumpkin Choc Chip Coffeecake Muffins, Chai Nut Brownies, and Peanut Butter Caramel Cups! MMMS!

You’ll also find sweet holiday gifts and snacks from Meow Meow TweetPure Luck Tea BarCinnamon SnailMullein & SparrowRescue Chocolate and MORE!

PLUS! We still have a limited number of holiday shopping totes to give away from our gracious sponsor Krrb! So get one while you can! And put it to work!

Vegan Holiday Shopping, TAKE TWO!



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