SCHOOL’S OUT! Vegan Shop-Up! May 11th

School's Out! Vegan Shop-Up!

 No more finals, exams, or snow days! Pre-Summer / Post-School / Peak Excitement. Let’s graduate together at the SCHOOL’S OUT! Vegan Shop-Up! Saturday, May 11th, 12-6p at Pine Box Rock Shop! Forget about student loans and allergy season for the day, and join us for happy hour, brunch, shopping, snacking, schmoozing, lunching, hanging, and boozing. We’ve got something for everyone. (ESPECIALLY VEGANS)

We finally get to spread out onto the sidewalk and bask in the sunshine. Which means more room for more vendors! As always you’ll find the best of the best: Soul Food + Cinnamon Rolls + Ice Cream Push Pops + Cashew Cheese + Fresh Juices + Raw Chocolates + Macarons + Seitan + Paninis + Ethiopiann Food + Burgers + Eco Clothing + Skin Care + Organic Soap + Jewelry + tons more. Not to mention it’s Mother’s Day weekend, so stock up on Tea, Coffee, Cakes, and Bath Salts!

Check out the full vendor list here! And see some photos from April’s Vegan Spring Shop-Up! We were mobbed. Food sold faster than you can say “I’ll take a side of kale chips, please!”. A fun fest all around.


WORK HARD. PLAY HARD. SNACK HARD. We’ll see you there!

All Shopped-Up,

Saturday, May 11th
12- 6pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwich, Bk


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