CHILL OUT! Vegan Shop-Up! June 15th

CHILL OUT! Vegan Shop-Up!

Summer vibes, mannnnnnnn. We’re servin’ up the chillinest Shop-Up yet! Join the beat on Saturday, June 15th, 12-6p at Pine Box Rock ShopCut off your sleeves. Cut off your pants. Cut off your hair. It’s Shop-Up time!! You’re lookin’ at a full blown Summer sesh heat fest for the next 3 months. So let us mop your brow and ice your bev. It’s gonna get good.

Feast your eyes on some of the treasure: Ice Pops + Seitan Gyros + Nut Butters + Iced Chai + Fresh Salsas + Raw Chocolate + Gluten-Free Cakes + Soul Food + Ice Cream + Paninis + Skin Care + Jewelry + Bug Repellent + Cat Toys + Cookbooks. And miles more! Check the full vendor list here.

The May market turned to rain by the end, but we still powered through like champs! Thanks to the awesome crowd that came out!! Nothin’ but sunny daze ahead.


All Shopped-Up,

Saturday, June 15th
12- 6pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwich, Bk


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