Dive In Shopping List!

Here we are, one short day away from the Dive In! Vegan Shop-Up! Discover a few treasures that you can find at tomorrow’s market…

  • Barry’s Tempeh – Stock up on packs of the freshest local Tempeh in town(Soy-Free and Gluten-Free options too!). Plus Tempeh Bacon BLT’s! They’re also selling your new fave condiment, guaranteed, Spicy Hemp Mayo(!), by the jar. Rejoice.
  • Mister Sister – Delicious Gluten-Free Raspberry Bars, Walnut Fudge, Mint Fudge, Organic Original Fudge, and the big debut of their brand new Peanut Butter Fudge! Happy dance.
  • Mullein and Sparrow – Enjoy a special on their popular Herbal Smoke Blends, 1 for $15, 2 for $25! Plus get 10% off your purchase with Student ID! AND free Mini Facials!! Heaven.
  • Grass Roots Juicery – Make friends with these new-to-the-scene Juicers! Cold Fresh-Pressed Juices like The Cricket, Citrus Mistress, and Zinger will be for sale, as well as treats like Pumpkin Energy Bars! And find out all about their 1 or 3 Day Juice Cleanses! Fresh.
  • Meow Meow Tweet – Check out the best treat for your skin, new hydrating Body Tonics made with essential oils! Choose from Geranium Basil, Bergamot Vetiver, or Palmarosa Cedar! Yippee.
  • Vegan O’Brien – Get your fill with these Jumbo Cookies from upstate! Try classic Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Brownies, and the triumphant return of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip! Huzzah.
  • Pure Apparel – Wear your voice when you pick up some organic Vegan Themed T-Shirts with simple, bold designs! Finally.
  • Heirloom Eatery – Start fasting.. Cap’n’Crunch Fried Chicken Sliders, Sausage and Pepper Heroes, Gyros, and Sriracha Popcorn!! Yesyesyes.
  • Cake Thieves – Ever built your own Cinnamon Bun?? The day has come! Top yours with Chocolate Ganache, Caramel, Graham Crackers, Peanut Butter Cups, etc. Game over.
  • Gone Pie – A Gluten-Free dream come true! Try the new gooey Blondies, Peanut Butter Caramel Cups, Mini Pecan Pies, Pumpkin Cranberry Loaves, and PB Caramel Rice Crispy Treats! Done.
  • Pipernilli – Find a new favorite in these soft batch Sweet Potato Cookies or Carrot Cake Cookies, or even Coconut Mango Cupcakes! Totally.
  • We Vegans – Go buy some iceberg and baby carrots, you’ll need plenty on hand after bringing home Vranch! It’s the super new, Brooklyn-made, Vegan Ranch Dressing! Get Original or Chipotle, or both! Score.

Don’t f0rget other stars like Chai MookieAlchemy Creamery, The Tafari and Pure Kombucha! See the event details in the post below, and the full vendor list here!

IMPORTANT TRANSIT NOTE! The L train is not running to the Morgan stop this weekend! You’ll have to take a shuttle bus from the Lorimer G/L stop(on Metropolitan at Union). More info here. Or ride a bike or a bus or a pony or a scooter or a rickshaw!

We’re opening up a can of worms tomorrow. Let’s DIVE IN!

All Shopped-Up,

Saturday, September 14th
12- 6pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwich, Bk





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