SPRING FEVER! Vegan Shop-Up! May 17th

Spring Fever! Vegan Shop-Up!

Showers, flowers, and longer daytime hours.. it’s Spring y’all! No doubt about it. Come frolic in the rays with us at the next Vegan Shop-Up on Saturday, May 17th at Pine Box Rock ShopThe sidewalk will be humming with fresh juice, grilled goods, ice cream, food truck treats, AND MORE. Plus check out these brand new vendors: Organic Grill, Freakin Vegan, Black Currant Bakery, SIPP Eco Beverage, Mountain Morsels, Tribeca Canning Co., and Sugarcane Island!

You’ll want for naught! Soaps + Tees + Bags + Magazines + Fudge + Cakes + Brownies + Burgers + Hot Dogs + Donuts + Seitan + Tempeh + Juices + Crepes + Ethiopian + Salsas + Cookies + Truffles + whoknowswhatelse! Check out the full vendor line up here.

Here’s a quick peek at last month’s SPRING IT ON VEGAN SHOP-UP!

Alchemy Creamery! 20140412_143738 20140412_145850 20140412_133440 20140412_131837 20140412_125747 20140412_125524 Sweet Maresa!

Don’t forget.. It’s happy hour! And if you’re under 21 you can only enter the indoor part of the market with a parent or legal guardian, so plan accordingly! Luckily, Springtime means lots to see/eat/do outside at VSU! So slip on your new cork sandals, call up your pals, and bounce on over to the only vegan market in town! It’ll be RAD(ish).

All Ramped-Up,

Saturday, May 17th
12- 6pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwich, Bk




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