FEEL THE BURN! Vegan Shop-Up! August 16th

Feel The Burn! VSU

We’re hangin’ on to every last high-temped day we can, Summer’s fading fast y’all! Join us as we close out our 4th Summer season on Saturday, August 16th at Pine Box Rock Shop! You’ll find 25+ vendors selling  ALL VEGAN and locally made foods and wares. There’s nothing else like it! We’re it!

Get excited for.. Burgers + Empanadas + Donuts + Ethiopian + Hot Dogs + Kombucha + Ice Cream Sandwiches + Mini Cakes + Chocolate Caramels + Crepes + Hot Sauce + Chutney + Seitan + Mac ‘n’ Cheese + Cinnamon Buns + Handbags + Eco Clothing + Organic Skin Care + somuchmore! Check out NEW vendors Mighty Edible, Dona Chai, Three Little Birdsand Kathryn Sjogren’s Rescue Series! And see the full vendor line up HERE.

Don’t forget… inside there’s Happy Hour. But if you’re under 21 you can only enter the  indoor part of the market with a parent or legal guardian, so plan accordingly! Luckily, it’s still the best season for lots to see/eat/do outside at

You’re less likely to get a sunburn and sandy shorts, so skip the beach and hang with us! #noregrets

All Summered-Up,

Saturday, August 16th
12- 6pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwick, Bk


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