SUNDAYS IN THE CITY! Vegan Shop-Up! May 3rd


We’re in the full swing of Spring and Manhattan-bound once again with the Sundays In The City! Vegan Shop-Up! Save the date for Sunday, May 3rd, and join us at a new spot, Spreadhouse, in the lower east side!

Not only is Spreadhouse big and beautiful and streaming with sunlight, but it’s a great cafe where you can get coffee, tea, shakes, and more! In other words, all ages welcome!

Empanadas + Pickles + Donuts + Sandwiches + Cheese + Seitan + Tempeh + Samosas + Persian Cuisine + Macarons + Chocolates +  Caramels + Handbags + Cakes + Brownies + Ice Cream + more!

Here’s the vendor list:

Plus don’t forget our next VSU Brooklyn on Sunday, May 16th! It’s even bigger, will have special guest The Cinnamon Snail, and held at NYC’s favorite vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop!

We’re happy to be working with Square as our new partner in sponsorship this month! So many VSU vendors love the convenience of Square to connect with their customers. Here’s a bit about them:

“Buying and selling sound like simple things – and they should be. That’s why Square is working hard to make commerce easy for everyone. Square’s complete register service is a full point of sale with tools for every part of running a business, from accepting credit cards, to sales and inventory tracking, to small business financing. Whether you’re selling out of your trunk or opening your twentieth location, Square helps make business a little less work.”

Plan a fun-filled day with VSU, we don’t disappoint!

All Shopped-Up,

Sunday, May 3rd
12- 6pm
116 Suffolk St, NYC

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