Ready Set Snow Shopping List!

Check out this sneak preview of the sweet specials we’ll have for you at TOMORROW’S Vegan Shop-Up! And don’t forget we’ve got early hours for tomorrow, 11am- 4pm, so no sleeping in!

  • Yeah Dawg – Don’t miss the saucy NEW all Italian menu! Choose from Beetball Parm, Sausage Parm, or Sausage and Peppers! This is the debut of their new plant based Sausage, so go show some love!
  • Freakin’ Vegan –  NEW menu item! Check out their savory Spanish Potato Tarts, along with the regular Empanadas, Pot Pies, and Mac ‘n’ Cheese!
  • Gone Pie Gluten-free machine for 2017! Get your Mini Fudge Pies (w/ Cashew Caramel & Chocolate Covered Cashews), Cranberry Almond Blondies, Super Nutty Brownies (w/ Cashew, Walnut, Almond & Pecan), Nut-Free Loaded Brownies (w/ Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows & Pretzels), Almost Raw Brownie Bites, Fudge, Tahini Cookies, Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter Cups, and Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats!


  • Fogwood & Fig – Woohoo! Get ready for 2 NEW Burgers! The Falafel Burger w/ house Feta Cheese, Pickled Tahini, Pickled Onions, and Avocado, AND the Cajun Burger w/ Coconut Bacon, Cajun Mayo, Avocado, and Green Leaf Lettuce!
  • Sweet Maresa’s –  Tea Time! Enjoy lots of NEW sweets like Gluten-Free Chocolate Lavender Cakelets, Chocolate Dipped Wintergreen Cookies, Black Cocoa Brownies, Individual Rainbow Cookie Bites, and Peanut Butter Churro Cake!
  • Vegicano – Taste a NEW vegan Torta, loaded up with housemade Green Chile Seitan, Cabbage, Avocado, Roasted Corn & Cucumber Salsa, and Black Bean Aioli! Plus Tacos like Triple Soy-Rizo made w/ 21 spices, and topped w/ Cucumber Salsa and Lime Crema!
  • Peaceful Provisions – Be among the first to try NEW Doughnut flavors like Samoa (Chocolate Doughnut filled w/ Coconut Dulce de Leche, topped w/ Coconut Caramel and Chocolate Drizzle), Rice Pudding (w/ Basmati Rice Pudding and topped w/ Cinnamon Icing), Maple Glazed Vanilla Cake Doughnuts (!), Everything Bagel Croissant (Sweet Cream Cheese Filling, topped w/ Cream Cheese Icing and Everything Bagel Spice), Apple Jam (w/ spiced Apple Jam, Vanilla Glaze, and Shortbread Crumbs), Black & White Twists, and Classic Cannoli (w/ Cannoli Cream, Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Chips, and Cannoli Shell)!


Don’t forget other vendor favorites like Tamerlaine Farm, Color Me Chad, Cheezehound, Screamer’s, and moreFind the full event details plus other market dates in the post below, and the FULL VENDOR LIST HERE!

The early bird gets the… VEGAN DOUGHNUT. Or 3.
All Shopped-Up,
Saturday, January 14th
11a- 4p
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwick, Bk

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