LET’S SWEAT IT ON! Vegan Shop-Up! August 17th


THE HEAT IS ON! We’re back in action TOMORROW with the Let’s Sweat It On! Vegan Shop-Up! Tomorrow, Saturday, August 17th, 12- 5pm, at Brooklyn’s vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop. Discover the best locally made, vegan foods, goods, and more at NYC’s all vegan pop-up market!

Pine Box will be open at 11:00am to get your vitamin Bloody Mary! THE PATIO WILL BE OPEN TOO! VSU starts at noon, but here’s your chance to claim an early seat and get that a.m. cocktail.

** The L train IS running!!! (just every 20min or so!) **

Get droolin’..… Seitan Gyro + Mushroom Bacon Egg n Cheese + Yogurt Parfaits + Southern BBQ Seitan Plate + Jamaican Patties +  Chopped Cheese + Banana Pudding Cheesecake + Ham & Cheese Croissants + Seitan Mortadella Sandwiches + Ube Buns + Cheesecake Brownies + Smoked Mac n Cheese + Almond Tahini Cake + Seitan Cheesesteak + Chocolate Baklava + Carrot Cake + Ube Filled Donut Balls + Jerk Seitan + Cinnamon Rolls + Crags + Sunflower Butter Chocolates + Sesame Ice Cream Sandwiches + GF Tiramisu + Buffalo Chik’n Mac n Cheese + Empanadas + Herbal Lemonade + Hair Care + Candles + Local Spirulina + MORE!

Check out NEW VENDOR A.T.M. Vegan Deli!  See the full VENDOR LINEUP HERE.
Come hang and scope the best vegan eats/sweets/drinks in town! Mix n mingle, catch some rays, and shop cruelty-free! DON’T FORGET to BYO to-go containers and shopping bags to cut the waste!  (If you’re under 21 you can only enter the market with a parent or legal guardian, so plan accordingly.)

Take this opportunity to SAVE THE DATE for the next VSU! See more future dates in the sidebar.

–  September 14th


All Shopped-Up,

Saturday, August 17th
12- 5p
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St.
Bushwick, Bk

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